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About Kamco

Kamco, Inc. offers products for rotary motion control and/or feedback. These products are available in either electromechanical or electronic formats. We have over 50 years experience in the industrial controls field. Our expertise includes metal forming, primary metals, automotive and machine tool industries.

Rotating Cam Limit Switch

The K80 line of Rotating Cam Limit Switches are electromechanical systems whereby cams with adjustable dwells activate snap action switches. These type of systems have been used in industrial applications for over 50 years. They are inexpensive, simple to use and offer a high degree of reliability and durability. These packages are available in Nema 1 or 12 style enclosures with up to 12 cam limits standard. Switches are either SPDT 15 amp or DPDT 10 amp. Many optional features such as cam / sensor packages (resolvers, encoders or tachometers) are available as well as chain break bases, adjustable couplings, motion detectors, gear reducer units and more are available.

Press Automation Control

The KPD line of Press Automation Controllers are ideal for automating small to mid-size mechanical power presses or similar machinery. These compact packages offer six programmable limit switches with speed compensation and timed output capabilities, four fully programmable die protection inputs, motion detection, brake wear indication 50 job storage, counters and more.

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