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KPD -Press Automation Controller 

The KPD system consist of three components: Controller, resolver to controller cable assembly, resolver package. 

Press Automation Controls
  • 6 Programmable limit switches with time based outputs and speed compensation
  • 4 Programmable die protection inputs
  • 50 Job Storage
  • Counters
  • Brake Wear Indication


  • Motion Detection


Controller only: Panel mount controller with all features. Customer to supply 24 Vdc input power.

Controller with Power Supply: Includes panel mount controller, power supply and 6ft. interconnect cable.

Controller in Nema 12 Enclosure with Power Supply: Mounted in enclosure, power supply and 6ft. interconnect cable.

Resolver Cable Assembly

Standard length of 15 ft. – Additional lengths to 300 ft. available.

Rotating Cam Limit Switch with Resolver


Block Resolver : Resolver with face or body mounting holes and 5/8” input shaft.

Block Resolver with Foot Mount Adaptor: Allows the block resolver to be foot mounted.

Cam / Resolver Combination: Gives both mechanical cams and resolver in one package.

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