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K80 Series Rotating Cam Limit Switches

K80 units are available in many configurations and styles. The following is a list of the standard features that can be configured:

Enclosure Style:
Nema 1 – General purpose enclosure
Nema 12– Oil tight and dust tight enclosure

Number of Cam Limits:
Available up to 12 limits standard (8 limits when used in cam / resolver package)

Switch Type:
SPDT 15Amp rated or DPDT 10Amp rated Switches

Shaft Location:
D – Double Ended Shaft (standard)
R– Right Hand Shaft
L– Left Hand Shaft

Consult the factory for optional items such as integral sensors, gear boxes, custom shaft styles, custom switch configurations or any other item not shown in our standard order build catalog section.

Rotating Cam Limit Switch with Resolver
Ergonomic Cam Lobes
Rotating Cam Limit Switch
  • Cam / Resolver packages


  • Cam / Tachometer or other sensor packages
  • Ergonomic cam adjustment requires no tools to make adjustments
  • Double ended stainless steel input shafts standard
  • Consult factory for information regarding optional shaft features
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